Calculation Tools

Point foundation calculations available. More tools coming soon

The point foundation calculation tool is available for registered users. The remaining tools are on their way!


Point Foundations

Strip Foundations




Calculation Tools

Pricing options for the calculation tools

Pricing of the calculation tools are based on the amount of tools you add to your tool box and the amount of users per tool. The more you buy, the bigger the discount!


500 kr

per user / tool

  •   Good for a trial
  •   Monthly billing
Best Value


3600 kr

per user / tool

  •   Save 2400 kr per year
  •   Monthly billing



per additional tool


per additional user


Who we are

Designing concrete solutions using polypropylene fibers is our specialty. We are a consulting engineering company aiming for easier and better structural concrete answers. With polypropylene fibers the time of heavy lifts, corrosion, long working hours, and unsafe handling of steel bars is over.

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